Monday, January 31, 2011

Brocast Yourself

     Youtube just happens to be one of the websites i love the most.  It may be one of the most popular websites out there, but i guess i am just one of the other million that loves youtube so much.  This site lets you watch videos of anything from homemade videos to music videos.  I would have to say i visit this site almost everyday, and if not that something close to that.  Youtube provides some pretty hilarious videos, informational vidoes, or even videos on random topics.  So go ahead and check out youtube, type in whatever comes to your mind and keep on exploring.

celebrity gossip from Perez Hilton
      Why you might ask?  I know he is just some crazy guy who posts all the celebrity juice, but his website is actually pretty entertaining.  I think the website is pretty cool because it is a blog just like ours.  This blog became so successful that people follow it via facebook, twitter, etc.  This site is definately somthing you should check out just to get a laugh, you might even enjoy some of the posts.

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